How Much Does a Facebook Ad Cost in Kenya?

How much does a Facebook Ad cost in Kenya? This is one of the most asked questions on google. You can run ads on Instagram, Facebook, and Audiences networks on any budget. Some people spend more on coffee more often than they do on their advertising campaigns. The exact cost of your ad to someone is determined in our advertising auction. Learn how every pricing works for our ads and how a budget that works for you is determined.

You can hire anyone Social Media Marketing Agency to run Facebook ads for your business. Marketing Agencies have experts who provide the best result at minimum cost. 92% of social media marketers are using Facebook for Advertisement. Facebook accounts for more than 9% of digital advertising and 18.4% of mobile digital advertising.

If you are the owner of a business that first considers Facebook advertising, then I think your first question is:

“How much does Facebook advertising cost?”

Below you will be able to find the average cost of advertising your business on Facebook and which factors will affect Facebook’s advertising costs.

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The Average Cost of Advertising on Facebook

If you measure cost per click (CPC), then on Facebook, advertising costs an average of $ 0.27 per click if you measure the cost per thousand impressions (CPM), Facebook advertising costs around $ 7.19 CPM (By Hootsuite).


Awareness: Advertising with an awareness objective creates awareness and interest in your product or service.

Consideration: Consideration-oriented ads start thinking about your business, product, or service and seek more information about it.

Conversion: Conversion ads encourage people to take a specific action or purchase your product or service

Types of Facebook Advertising Costs

Currently, there are five different cost structures for Facebook ads: Cost-per-click (CPC), Cost-per-thousand-views (CPM), Cost-per-view (CPV), Cost-per-action (CPA) ), And cost-per-thousand-impressions (CPL) CPCs are the most common, though advertisers should choose cost structure based on their ad type, marketing objectives and overall advertising goals that are best for them.

Facebook Cost Types:

Cost-per-click (CPC)

The cost-per-click pricing model charges every advertisers only when a Facebook user clicks on their ad; therefore, it does business intending to encourage users to click on their website or landing page from Facebook. Advertiser calls to action (CTA) on which a user clicks, from which there are many options like “Learn more” to “Shop Now” and “Sign Up.” 

Facebook is known to be among the more affordable pay-per-click advertising platforms. The average CPC on Facebook ads is $ 1.86 in all industries, in which industry has 45 cents for clothing with cost to garments and $ 2.72 for job training. For reference, the average CPC on Google Ads is $ 5, with many CPCs of $ 2.69.

Cost-per-mill (CPM)

Cost-per-mill (CPM) pricing charges advertisers based on every 1,000 impressions or when the ad is displayed. CPC is often a low-cost option for CPC ads. However, because impressions are not necessarily the same for user interaction, they are the most used for advertisers, who use Facebook ads to increase brand awareness. 

The average CPM on Facebook ads in all industries is $ 11.20. This perception is equal to 1 percent. This will vary depending on the competition level for your chosen audience and that audience. This means that if your target audience has very little competition or is expensive, then your CPM may be very low if you have lot of competition for your potential target audience or clientele.

Cost-per-view (CPV)

The cost-per-view pricing structure is designed for video advertisements, and advertisers are seen by their Facebook users every time their video advertisement is shown. This is a good message for advertisers, in which one video is the best. Keep in mind that one video is only up to three seconds to watch on Facebook; This can not be enough time to express your message. 

If you need more time, consider different pricing rates or structures to help you achieve your advertising goals. The average industry CPV on Facebook ads is between 1 cent and 15 cents. With all types of Facebook advertising costs, it can vary from business to business. Since the effectiveness of the CPV cost structure is challenging to understand, consider using your click-through rate (CTR) as an indicator of the effectiveness of your ad.

Cost-per-action (CPA)

Cost-per-action is similar to a CPC with a significant difference: When a user clicks on the CTA of his advertisement, advertisers are charged for taking specific action on their website, rather than being charged. Advertisers set up tasks for which they have to be charged, and action includes newsletters from sign-up to app downloads and online purchases tracked through Facebook pixels. 

This is usually the most expensive pricing model. The average CPA for Facebook ads is $ 18.68. The broad average range of CPA cost structure is $ 55.21 per action on the technology from the education industry to $ 7.85. To be cost-effective, make sure the value of your audience’s action is at least (or more) than the CPA; Otherwise, your campaign will get a negative return.

Cost-per-type (CPL)

Cost-per-pricing is similar to CPC, but CTA “likes” your business’s Facebook page. It’s usually low cost, and it’s best for those businesses who are new to Facebook and want to build brand awareness. It is also worth noting that those using CPL should plan to be very active on their business page. 

Otherwise, paying for the choice does not increase; The Facebook Business Pages are effective only if used continuously. The average CPL for Facebook ads is between 10 cents and 17 cents. However, they are considered very little but keep in mind that CPL does not receive direct revenue, say, CPA, so the low value is related to a low value.

Average Facebook CPC & Other Benchmarks by Industry in 2021.

If you are a beginner to social media advertising and are not the most tech-savvy, you would like to get a marketing partner. You will waste a lot of your effort and time trying to find out all the nuances of Facebook advertising and the costs associated with it. You can hire us to run Facebook ads for your business.

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