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WhatsApp Marketing (WMB)

Whatsapp Marketing

WhatsApp is the dominant messaging channel by far, with over 2 Billion users and over 100 billion messages sent every day. For most people, WhatsApp is their favorite channel to engage with family and friends. Those customers prefer to use WhatsApp and other messaging channels to communicate with brands too. According to WhatsApp research, 61% of people would choose to message a business over picking up the phone. And 59% would choose it over sending an email.


WhatsApp marketing entails utilizing the popular messaging app WhatsApp as a platform to connect with customers and promote products or services. There are strategies that can be employed including sending mass messages eg Whatsapp Bluster, implementing chatbots for automated customer interactions, and sharing updates and offers with subscribers. This approach allows for direct engagement with customers since WhatsApp is a preferred means of communication for many individuals.

Whatsapp Marketing

Numerous businesses utilize WhatsApp marketing to provide order updates, address customer inquiries, and share content such as newsletters or product announcements—thus making it an invaluable tool, for enhancing customer engagement and driving sales.


Real-time notifications on WhatsApp can help brands build customer recall, influence buying decisions, and share relevant information with customers when it matters the most. WhatsApp allows brands to curate AI-powered conversations around their products and services that are tailored to each individual customer’s needs. The best part - WhatsApp messages don't disappear, so when a customer wants to reach out again they just have to continue the conversation from where it was previously left. Altogether, WhatsApp marketing allows you to get closer to your customers and create meaningful connections that will turn them into loyal brand advocates.

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