Organic Reach

We use WhatsApp-Telegram to drive organic reach for company websites and other social media marketing profiles and channels

Brand Awareness

WhatsApp-Telegram provides an excellent platform for driving brand awareness campaigns. We know all tools needed for this activity

Leads and Sales

Businesses can optimize Social Media Marketing for WhatsApp-Telegram to drive sales and leads. We know the, “how” let’s do it


We know how to trigger conversation with potential clients. We know the exact things to say on each platform to push brand engagement

Projects Executed
Data Analytics
Data Management
Satisfied Customers

We Build Transform

And Businesse Strategy

If you want to get the attention of your target audience, then it's time for some new marketing strategies. Let Us introduce telegram! Unlike Facebook posts that only receive likes but don't really engage anyone else on social media sites like Tumblr and twitter , content shared via telegraph can be seen by hundreds at once because these channels store all types of shared information without compromising performance from taking up too much storage space which makes them very attractive features when we think about marketers' interests being peaked since they'll have no problem reaching their desired customer base due just through sending messages as opposed.

Is WhatsApp Marketing Effective in Kenya?

The last point is that your customers love this communication channel. They trust brands with chat apps more – 53% of people say they would buy from companies who use messaging applications like WhatsApp for marketing purposes, according to research by Go Vertical Marketing Group and BBDO Digital Lda (2016). The reason? It's easy: Every day nearly 50 million new users download the app; messages are seen as being less invasive than other forms of contact because most conversations happen right on there instead in someone’s personal inboxes or outside social media sites such LinkedIn ; you can post updates without having any fear about whether someone has screenshot something beforehand! Plus, when used properly these platforms provide an excellent way communicate important information quickly

What are the Benefits of Messaging?

Businesses need to make themselves available and accessible for customers. WhatsApp Business messaging ticks all the boxes, with a quick, efficient platform that can be used by many people at once--and it offers ubiquitous communication in real time! With updates coming through quickly on any urgent question you may have about your order or inquiry from earlier today; businesses will not only feel more connected but also spend less precious resources worrying about how much information is being requested of them when responding back promptly saves both parties valuable minutes lost due waiting around unnecessarily before getting down into details so no one feels left out


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